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Different types of information resources are available at the KNCP Library. They are available on loan to members who have paid their subscription. These include, but not limited to the following:-


Sector Manuals

Cleaner Production Assessment in Dairy Processing. Cleaner Production in the Printing Industry.
Cleaner Production Assessment in Meat Processing. Sustainable Transportation.
Cleaner Production Assessment in Fish Processing. Sustainable Tourism.
Waste Minimization Guide for the Textile Industry. Cleaner Production Policy Training Manual.
Cleaner Production in Leather Tanning. Cleaner Production in Hotels.
Cleaner Production in the Brewery. Environmental Education etc
Indian Cleaner Production Training Manual. Industrial Energy Management - Course Manual



  • Cleaner Production in the Sugar Sector
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  • Cleaner Production Financing
  • Cleaner Production Policy Training Manual
  • UNIDO/FAO Toolkit for PCB Inventory
  • UNIDO/UNEP Toolkit for Dioxins and Furan Inventory
  • Slovak Republic Cleaner Production Training Manual


A wide range of recently published cleaner production books international journals on various industrial sectors, application of economic instruments, and environmental education are available.

For anyone interested in using our Resource Centre, please contact

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Administrative Secretary
Kenya National Cleaner Production Centre
Tel. 254-(0) 2-604870/1, 504866/7, 609440
Fax: 254-(0) 2-604871
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