Promoting Resource Efficiency in Small and Medium Enterprises (Pre-SME)


The project 'Promoting Resource Efficiency in Small and Medium Enterprises(PRE-SME)' was an industrial exercise on integrated implementation of the Toolkit of Promoting Resource Efficiency in SMEs (PRE-SME) and the Responsible Production Handbook as a follow-up to the regional training that was organized by UNEP in which the Centre participated.

Project objective

To develop capacity of KNCPC to provide technical support to selected SMEs on resource efficiency and responsible production and assist industries to develop and implement an integrated Resource Efficiency Improvement programme that includes effective chemicals management and Responsible Production Programme.


Industry training: Each participating industry received two day training on general CP principals and how to use the toolkit. Top management commitment was also secured at this stage.

Assessment and plan development: The assessments were undertaken to estimate the savings potential on energy, water, materials as well as waste reduction a detailed resource efficiency improvement plan was developed for each industry. This activity has been coupled with provision of technical support since most of the proposed options are still under implementation.

Preparation of implementation reports: Individual industry technical report were prepared and submitted to both UNEP and industries for implementation.

Feedback on the toolkit: This report provides the project application experience and improvement options


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